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All About Darknight Cave Tubing Three Cave Tubing Combo.

    Darknight Three cave tour consists of passing through Open Air cave, Jaguar cave, and tubing through Darknight cave. Your guide will be well versed on Jungle Plants, herbal medicine & Mayan history for the caves in this area offers more archaeological signs than any other area.

    What to Expect:


  1. Journey through the Caves

    Pass through two dry Caves as well as an exciting float through Darknight Cave, no carrying tubes as they await you at starting point of tubing.

  2. Green Lush Jungle

    After a beautiful trek through the lush jungle, tranversing wooden bridges, you enter a lush Jungle setting. You have a chance to refresh yourself with a drink of water near the huge entrance to Jaguar Cave.

  3. The Amazing Jaguar Cave

    As You enter Jaguar Cave you will be amazed at the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that are stunning in their brilliance. Jaguar Cave received its name for the multitude of Jaguar tracks that are left in the soft soil as the Jaguars pass through from one Canyon to another.

  4. Tubing Awaits

    Passing through Huge Jaguar Cave, exiting through a secret passageway and into a trail leads guest to a deck where they will be greeted with tubes and gears.

  5. Tubing to Dark Night Cave

    After being geared up you begin your float down Indian creek in the open air for a few minute, and then enter the magnificent Darknight cave. Every curve will amaze you with a new beautiful scene.

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  • Zip Lining is all about elevations. Many other zip lines may require quite a lot of stair climbing on their course in order for participants to gain in elevation.
  • Comparatively, we have very little stair climbing and we zip into and through a cave in a privately owned property.
  • Also, we are the longest, highest and fastest zips, the Best Adventure in Belize Available only at Dark Night Cave Tubing Adventures.
  • All above ground adventures carry natural risks. We have taken numerous steps to alleviate these risks.
  • Our course meets and exceeds all professional building standards. Our guides are trained and certified by accredited trainers.
  • All course elements are inspected daily. Personal Protective Equipment is inspected before and after each use.
  • Yes, our course is inspected daily by our trained staff and annually by approved inspectors.
  • All Zip Line equipment will be provided. (Harness, Helmet, and Gloves)
  • All pockets must be emptied or zipped. (lockers available for storage)
  • Toques, hoods, or ball caps can be worn under the helmets.
  • You may bring a camera. Please have a closeable pocket or a way that we can attach it to your harness.
  • You may bring water bottles. We can attach it to your harness.
  • Wear closed toe shoes suitable for walking.
  • Good fitting clothes (no scarves or dangling jewelry).
  • Long hair needs to be tied to the back.
  • Do not wear skirts.
  • Pants or long shorts are preferred. They make the harness more comfortable.
  • “Short” or shorts are not recommended.
  • Dress for the weather forecasted. We operate in all weather conditions.
  • Be prepared for rain; bring rain gear which will be worn under the harness.
  • Yes. You can bring your camera.
  • It must have a long strap that allows you to tie it to your harness.
  • We do have our own photo and video equipment on site to capture the best moments of your tour. This is available to you for purchase after the tour for a reasonable fee.
  • We have outhouse bathrooms and washrooms with sinks for the washing of hands and other parts of the body.
  • Tip are not expected, but graciously accepted. If you enjoyed your guides service, tips are a great way to express it.
  • The guides work extremely hard to keep you entertained and safe throughout your 2 hour zip line experience.
  • Just like any service industry, tips are not included in the price.
  • We are open: January – December.
  • We have a variety of times available.
  • You MUST arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your tour.
  • The tour takes approximately 2 hours.
  • We use 10 years old as a guide line. The minimum a participant can weigh is 70lbs.
  • Every participant, regardless of age, must be able to demonstrate and execute the skills required to zip line during the “ground school” training session.
  • If you cannot demonstrate those skills successfully, you will be asked to leave the tour for your own safety.
  • Our Zip Line Tour is calibrated to operate between 70 and 250lbs.
  • We do not accept participants outside of this weight range.
  • Our tours have a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 50 participants.
  • There are always 2 zip line guides per tour group.
  • If you come with less than 8 people, you will be teamed up with other adventure seekers!
  • No. We will teach you everything you need to know.
  • However, you must be able to understand your guides directions and be physically able to execute the required manoeuvres.
  • The tour is considered to be Leisurely Moderate. You must be of average mobility and strength.
  • You must be physically able to control the speed of your travel by touching the cable above your head with the leather gloves provided.
  • The tour consists of many towers, going through caves, tubing along the river and you will be walking up a few stairs.
  • Our oldest participant, is 75 years old!!! She did fantastic!
  • Tours operate rain or shine. Except for cases of Natural Disasters or Extreme Weather conditions.
  • Please be sure to check the weather prior to your departure and dress appropriately.
  • Excessive winds or lightening activity will cause the course to close.
  • If your tour is cancelled due to weather by, we will attempt to contact you at the phone number you provided and reschedule your tour.


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